Designing A Small Workspace that is Functional & Beautiful!

There was a time when my husband and I had space. So much space. Space for an office. Space for a guest room. That time has come and gone because now we have three kids. So that space is not ours anymore, it’s theirs! I’m sure so many of you can relate.

The problem is we still need a quiet, calm and organized place that we can work. I work from home on my computer for both events and blogging. And my husband sometimes needs a place to do a little work in the evenings or on the weekends. Sitting on the bed, or at the kitchen table with the kids running around just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So, we found a space at the end of the hallway. I know, it doesn’t sound that great. There is a doorway nearby, so that limited the size of the desk. We would need a desk that was very shallow. I immediately thought of IKEA because they are known for making awesome furniture solutions for small spaces. So we gathered up the fam, and headed over to IKEA. We found a great desk with shelves that was the right size and hung on the wall, which we loved. My husband wasn’t sold, but I knew with the right accessories it would be perfect. So, we took it home and assembled it that night. Once up on the wall, my husband was still unsure. So…

The next morning, I ran over to Homegoods bright and early. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Homegoods. It’s been an addiction since we bought our home. The mere mention of it and my kids run away screaming. They’ve had their fill, but I haven’t. I love a good project, and I love that store.

Lots of people will go into a store like this and feel overwhelmed. So many things everywhere. How could you choose? My advice is to go in with some inspiration. Find an image on pinterest or in a magazine that you love. It could be the colors, the items they chose, or even just the simplicity of it. Whatever it is, bring it with you.

I was lucky enough that my husband was home, so I escaped without the kids. This gave me the freedom to stroll through the store for probably close to two hours. Items in the cart. Items out of the cart. Trying to figure out what looked best together, and what would fit well in the small space. I was fortunate enough to find tons of stuff that day, and left with a cart full of accessories, a desk lamp, and a chair.

Sometimes I find it takes a few trips to find the right pieces. You have to bring it home, and try it. Not everything looks the way you think it will. This time though, everything was perfect. It just all came together. I love the desk space now, and so does my husband. What was once an empty space at the end of the hall cluttered with my daughters toys, is now is beautiful, quiet corner where we can sit, think, and work!


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