My name is Jillian. I’m a wife and mom to three little kids. Benjamin, the smart, loud and impulsive one. Braden, the quiet, sensitive, instigator. Ella, the tomboyish princess who loves her brothers to death, but will also take them out.  And of course our family would not be complete without our four legged kids, Taylor Taylor and Charlie Brown.

I love to spend my time with my family. Doing anything really. Just together. Watching movies, going to the pool, playing video games, baking, or building the biggest lego castle. And sometimes I dream of what I’ll do if I can get just one hour to myself. Let’s be honest, being a mom is hard work.

I’m an event planner that went from working full time to part time (from home) once I had my third child. Based on my profession, one can guess I’m a fairly creative and detail oriented person. Since I was a little girl I loved to craft, decorate and design. This is a trait I definitely inherited from my mom (thanks mom!). She was always making costumes, decorating for the holidays, and helping us create beautiful art projects. It was such a memorable part of my childhood. Now, as a mother, I can share so many of these traditions with my kids.

I’m hoping to share bits and pieces of our everyday life with you all. From trying a healthy new recipe to baking my favorite fattening dessert. From seeking advice to sharing my own failures and successes. From decorating for the holidays to prepping to host a dinner party. From simple organizational tips to a room makeover. Whatever we’re doing, I’m sharing.

I’m just a busy, exhausted (and sometimes bossy) mom of three doing my best for my family. I’m Just Jillian.